What are you?

You are a spirit occupying a body.  Jesus Christ said in Mathew 10:28 "Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell." New American Standard Bible  Similar words are in Luke 12:4-5.

Natural science does not believe that we are spirits occupying bodies, which has led to their frustrating failure to find 1) the "seat of consciousness", the sense of self or "me" that we all have; 2) a way to make artificial intelligence self-aware rather than just mimicking it; 3) the origin of life from chemicals, which is making a body without adding a soul, because life only comes from life.

Your brain is the interface between your spirit and the physical world.  The two are completely interwoven, so that our perceptions, abilities, limitations, and natural desires are determined by the body, while the initiative to think or act are from your spirit.  The body grows from a baby to maturity to frailty, and can be injured, even parts lost, but the spirit is constant.  The spirit learns from its time in the body, and makes choices with consequences that are realized after it separates from the body in death.  Natural science misses all of that, equating brain cell activity with you.  But no one really thinks of themselves that way.  The source of a television program is not in the TV set, nor is the essence of a person in the brain.  By denying the existence of the spirit, natural science has locked itself out of reality.

Where are we?

We are in a place made for living, learning, and testing.  Life is a mystery, yet there are clues.

1.  It is now clear that the theory of evolution is false; all living things were designed and created.  To be the designer, the being requires abilities usually attributed to God - infinite intelligence and creative power.

2.  The Shroud of Turin is now scientifically validated as the burial cloth of Jesus Christ.  It proves that He existed, was killed in the manner described in the gospels, and was resurrected in a sudden flash.

3.  Near-death experiences of resuscitated persons who were clinically dead show that there is an individual existence beyond the physical universe - the "spiritual realm".

If all of us were at home in the spiritual realm before we came to this physical world, then our true selves are designed to live in the spiritual realm.  We have obviously been made to forget where we came from.  Any strong difference between the physical world and spiritual realm will be sensed by our true selves as something that should be corrected.  By this we can discern things about the spiritual realm.

What our spirits remember and long for



What it is like here


Permanence, complete stability



Constant change





Danger; all die


No needs



Need many things, and these change with age


Status according to who we really are




Chance of birth mostly determines where we stand in the world; yet all are equally susceptible to destruction


Peace, happiness, freedom



Trouble, fear, frustration


Always healthy



Physical deterioration, injury


With kindred spirits



All types are mixed together; we might never meet kindred spirits

Instant communication to anywhere



Must invent communication devices


Music is always everywhere



Must play live or recorded music


Creating by imagining



Patience, effort, skill, cost in treasure are required; reading and movies try to recapture some of home

Games are important



Games are frivolous


Spiritual virtues (love, loyalty, honor, justice, truth) are tangible and real



The struggle for survival, comfort, and material success crowd out the spiritual realm


The power of God rules and is apparent to all



God is hidden; there is a constant battle between good and evil; evil rules the world by deception, force, and chaos

Is it any wonder that newborns are happy, and the dying are anxious to go when they get a glimpse of the beyond?

The words of Jesus Christ about who rules the world and what we are to do are a message to us from the spiritual realm.  We will go back soon enough.


John Michael Fischer, 2009 - 2020